Tuesday, December 6, 2011

First Tooth!

Baby Arthur's first tooth popped though today. It is the culmination of a lot of work for the little guy and he can't stop feeling his newly added pearly white with his tongue. If it was up to him he would probably chow down on a steak to celebrate. The boy loves his food!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ol' Chap!

Today our oldest son Liam turns four. Four years old! We like to make Liam's birthday a big deal around our household. We've always had some sort of theme for each of Liam's previous birthday parties. Well, we didn't really have a theme for his first birthday. It was more of a color scheme since he had yet to express any interest in anything besides sweet potatoes. For his second birthday, we had a Sesame Street theme. Last year, we had a superhero theme (Spider-Man, Batman, and Superman being the focus). This year however he was very adamant about a theme. Weeks (possibly months?) before his birthday he told us he wanted a Superman-themed party.

This was both a good and bad thing. Good in the sense that Liam was expressing himself and that he knew what he wanted. Bad because now that he had told us what he wanted, we had to put together an awesome party for our boy. Why was this such a bad thing? Simple: I hate Superman. I thought it would be near impossible to create a party around a character I don't like and that my wife knows little to nothing about. I think he's a completely out-of-date comic character, but Liam seems to love him. Thus, we forged on to make our boy happy but we were confronted by a roadblock. Apparently, everyone else seems to not like Superman as well. We could not find any Superman party supplies locally and we found ourselves having to put our heads together to be creative and pull a party together. (Did I mention that we only had two weeks to get the party together due to scheduling?)

First, the invitation! Every year I make some themed-related leaflet-type invitation to email and post on the Facebook event page. (With only two weeks notice it was easier to go the digital route) This year I went with the classic Daily Planet front page. Take a picture of Liam at the zoo, a blurry photo of him at Halloween (he was an Aquabat!), type up some articles, and hint at some party goodies at the bottom of the page and you have an invitation. I must admit that I've had lots of fun making these invitations each year. 

Goodie bags! These are a must at a children's party. Most kids look forward to the end of the party knowing they will receive a lovely parting gift. With no Superman bags to be found, Amber printed off a bunch up Superman logos on sticker paper, cut them out, and (carefully) stuck them on blue bags. A simple solution indeed. Of course, all the kids really only cared about was what was inside. (Not pictured: the Superman Pez dispenser we tied to the bags. Amber hunted down as many as she could but it's never enough.)

Kryptonite! Superman's weakness but also very tasty. (Why don't all Superman's enemies just carry it in their pocket?) Lime rock candy put into tiny zip-lock bags with a custom label added.(Hopefully my Photoshop skills improve by next year.) I have no idea if Lex Luthor even sells Kryptonite in the comic, but it seems like something an evil dude would do. 

The entertainment! Liam loves a good bounce house. He's had one of these bad boys every year since his second birthday. The company we rented from had this particular model readily available because, I can only assume, everyone else (except Liam) dislikes Superman. Again, Liam was happy, the kids were jumping, everyone wins.

Cake! Nom. Our local store did not have a Superman-themed cake kit so Amber had to make something up. We ordered a cake with the right color scheme and Amber created a large Superman logo out of royal icing. Cake + Ice Cream = Happy Liam.

And so, another birthday is in the books. I can only imagine what type of party Liam will want next year. In the meantime, we need to start planning Arthur's first birthday (only 186 days away!)